Nationals 2015

The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals

Building up the next generation of theatermakers to create new work and build career-long artistic relationships.

The New School
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The Best Worst Birthday Party in the History of the World

Written by Margot Connoly
Directed by Kate Moore Heaney

Ivy Elwell
Sophie Hassett
Erica Hernandez
Maddie Sykes

Jesus // Natalie

Written by Gracie Gardner
Directed by Leah Faye Caddigan

Bonnie Antosh
Bianca Crudo
Txai Frota
Natalie Rich


Written by Piper Werle
Directed by Michelle O’Brien

Alice Guerra Mercondes
Lauren Imrie Mui
Tessa Hope Slovis
Evan William Smith

In This Dancery

Written by Natyna Bean
Directed by Abigail Barr

Laura McCarthy
Coral Peña
Haskiri Velazquez
Steven Wody

who is burning black churches?

Written by Korde Arrington Tuttle
Directed by Elena J. Levenson

Michael Gregory
Colin Hinckley
Andrew Manning
Ebonée Noel

Last Christmas

Written by Charlie O’Leary
Directed by Ivey Lowe

Victor Cervantes Jr.
Jedidiah Franklin
Andrew Raia
Alli Trussell

Hope Chavez, April O’ Donnell, Katie Langham, Aislinn Frantz, Karin Nilo, and Patti Anne Miller