Nationals 2014

The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals

Building up the next generation of theatermakers to create new work and build career-long artistic relationships.

The New School
Supporting The 24 Hour Plays

St. William’s, or Sound and Fury and Signifying Nothing

Written by Sean Patrick Monahon
Directed by Patrick Dooley

Jessie Cannizzaro
Elizabeth Lail
Chelsea Spack
Nick Imperato

Tenant Occupied

Written by Christopher Núñez
Directed by Sarah Matusek

Natalie Berk
Michael Goldstein
Daniel Velasco
Analisa veleZ

Baby the Universe

Written by Graham Parkes
Directed by Mikhaela Mahony

Kenzie Nothnagel
Pico Alexander
Winter Dunn
Christopher Luggiero


Written by Abigail Carney
Directed by Srda Vasilijevic

Oladimeji Akinwande
Lauren Karaman
Devin Nelson
Alex Porterfield

Robbed Blind

Written by Cat Crowley
Directed by Max Stampa-Brown

Clayton Fox
Aundria Brown
Frankie Garces
Caleb Shomaker

Reunion Practice

Written by Mara Nelson-Greenberg
Directed by Anthony Naranjo

Abraham Makany
Caitlin Morris
Teo Rapp-Olsson
Ben Schrager

Lindsay Alexis, Alyssa May Gold, Anderson Heinz, Jake SeferianInterstitial Music

Fernando Bolles