Broadway 2005

The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway

Six brand-new plays written, rehearsed and performed in 24 hours!

American Airlines Theater

Claire’s Intervention

by David Kotis
directed by Maria Mileaf

Kate Burton
David Moscow
Terrence Mann
Fisher Stevens

Pressure is a Privilege

by Betty Shamieh
directed by Ari Edelson

Michael K. Williams
Rosie Perez
Anthony Rapp
John Gleeson Connolly
Ally Sheedy

This is Now

by Steven Harper
directed by Mary Kate Burke

Wilson Jermaine Heredia
Tracie Thoms
Margaret Colin
William Sadler
Hayden Christensen

That Other Person

by David Lindsay-Abaire
directed by Christopher Ashley

Elizabeth Berkley
Andrew McCarthy
Cheyenne Jackson
Cady Huffman
Rachel Dratch

In The Dark

by Warren Leight
directed by Indhu Rubasingham

Ashlie Atkinson
Charlotte d’Amboise
Kathryn Erbe
Adam Pascal

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

by Adam Bock
directed by Andy Fickman

Rachel Dratch
America Ferrera
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Jason Biggs
Ally Sheedy

Musical Guests

John Linnell