The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals introduces audiences to a generation of new artists who’ve gone on to change the game in American theater, film and television. We seek the very best of the next generation of theatermakers and arm them with what they need to find their way in this business – each other.

Presented at The New School

The 24 Hour PLays: Nationals 2017

The Peabody Family Puppet Theater Troupe Presents

Written by Jess Honovich
Directed by Nick O’Leary

Featuring Cassie Gilling, Constantine Malahias, Louis Jannuzzi III, and Alice Kors


What’s My Type?

Written by Jordan Barsky
Directed by Lyndsay Burch

Featuring Marshall Louise, Evelyn Rivera-Cardenas, and Katherine George


The Colchester Thunder

Written by Anya Richkind
Directed by Jenna Rossman

Featuring Peter Danelski, Isra Elsalihie, Katelyn Figueroa, and Vanessa Bretas


Written by Shara Feit
Directed by Ally Benko

Featuring Michael Fell, Kevin Kantor, Ashley Taylor Greaves, and Stephen Amenta

Non-Laughter Anonymous

Written by A.K. Payne
Directed by Gineiris Garcia

Featuring Chris Murphy, Simone Policano, Makaela Shealey, and Trevor Liu

In Her Blood

Written by Andrew Rincon
Directed by Nailah Harper-Malveaux

Featuring Ilia Paulino, Aaron Johnson, Mason Hensley, Patrick Reilly

Musical Guests

Keren Abreu