Nationals 2013

The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals

Building up the next generation of theatermakers to create new work and build career-long artistic relationships.

The Atlantic Theater
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and then this and then this and then this

Written by Celine Song
Directed by Alexandra Keegan

Charlotte Arnoux
Manny Minaya
Alex Gould
Juliana Sass

Two Guys, A Girl, and a Karaoke Bar (or,) Umdrehen, Hellen Augen

Written by Ken Greller
Directed by Taylor Reynolds

Mike Turner
Jimmy Dailey
Jessica Varley

Thanks So Much for Listening

Written by Justin Kuritzkes
Directed by Mia Walker

Malik Uhuru
Alice Allemano
Conor Donovan
Ty Burell

The Timeshare

Written by Lily Padilla
Directed by Rebecca Wear

Eugene Oh
Naomi Lorrain
Elizabeth Cruz Cortez
Max Reinhardsen

Dreams of Earhart

Written by Olivia Dufault
Directed by Riley Teahan

Chelsea Harrison
Alice Kremelberg
Nora Garrett
Will Sarratt

The Love of Richard Nixon

Written by Kim Davies
Directed by Courtney Ulrich

Sean Geraghty
Tedra Millan
Lisa Anderson
Matthew Cox


Coleman Clark, Brenna Ross, Serena Berman, Morgan Grambo, and Jake Sellers