Musicals 2015

The 24 Hour Musicals

Four brand-new musicals written, rehearsed and performed in 24 hours!

The Gramercy Theater
Supporting The Orchard Project and The Exchange

idaho, new york

Music and Lyrics by Lisa Lambert
Book by christopher oscar peña
Directed by Kenneth Ferrone
Musical Director Matt Aument
Choreographer Gustavo Zajac
Assistant Directors Sophie Kurtz and Jacquelyn Montellato

Bebe Neuwirth // New York
Shanola Hampton // Shanola
Ari Graynor // Ari
Ashley Fink // Ashley

A Better Me

Music by Tim Rosser
Book and Lyrics by Charlie Sohne
Directed by Jessica Bauman
Musical Director Tracy Stark
Choreographer Shea Sullivan
Assistant Director Brice Gaillard and Katie Kopajtic

Edie Falco // Rachel
Alicia Witt // Sara
Eden Espinosa // Student
Michael Campayno // Macher
Pamela Winslow Kashani // Misha

“Of Boys and Turkeys”

Book and Lyrics by Joe Kinosian
Music by Kellen Blair
Directed by Danny Goldstein
Musical Director Dan Riddle
Choreographer Gustavo Zajac
Assistant Director Douglas Tito and Dawn Cowie

Mike Daisey // Farmer
Christine Lahti // Turkey
Stephanie D’Abruzzo // Boy Scout
April Louise // Winning Turkey

Changing Lables

Music and Lyrics by Amanda Green
Book by Jonathan Marc Sherman
Directed by Gordon Greenberg
Musical Director Adam Kaufman
Choreographer Shea Sullivan
Assistant Directors Jennifer Sandella and Oladimeji Akinwande

Ashlie Atkinson // Ashlie
Tituss Burgess // Titus
Julian Fleisher // Julian
Aaron Lazar // AaronIntroduction
Ari Edelson, Kelcie Beene

The 23 Hours You Didn’t See
Elisabeth Sperling, John Sears, Jillian Steward